Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Not a ladies man.....

Severn Heaven, that's what Glen had told me...a place where monster Grayling lurk. That was all the encouragement that I needed to join the lads, Glen, Guy and Phil for a day on the Severn.

After a restless night dreaming of monster fish, I woke before the alarm went off at 05:30 on Sunday morning, to find the garden covered in 10 cms of snow. That certainly wasn't going to stop me and off I set crawling along the A5 mainly going sideways. Just 7 miles and 30 minutes into the journey Glen called to say that one of the lads had dropped out and we decided that given the weather it probably wasn't worth going. So disappointingly I set off back home just about making it back home and almost smashing the car in the process.

Just an hour and a half later Glen called to tell me that snow or no snow, he and Guy were on their way. Well there was no way that I was going to let them catch all the fish, so it was back on the road and just over 2 hours later I was with the boys on the side of the river.

After an introduction to Phil, who had already had some fish, it was time for a quick discussion of tactics and flies and then to business. We were all fishing using the Czech Nymph method, a tactic that I was yet to master.

After just a few minutes Glen was into a cracking fish with Guy following close behind. And that was the to be the tale for the rest of the day, the lads catching some of the biggest Grayling that I have ever seen in my life!!! Check out their blogs for some "hard evidence" if you don't believe me!

The lads kindly tutored me in how to Czech Nymph spending their precious fishing time giving me tips and tricks and of course providing me with a few demonstrations on how to handle big fish.

The surroundings and the river were fantastic and we all agreed that it looked like we were somewhere else in the world.

Despite only catching two small grayling, one which became a flying fish and almost hit Guy on the head, I must admit that I had a fabulous day. And so in the words of an almost famous angler....Lord Pointon - "In angling you always get another chance!"

Thank goodness for that.....


  1. Quality day Matt, was good to catch up and a pleasure to fish with you. Cant wait for the next time. 'We' are only as good as our last will be you for sure that will be 'Living the Dream' next time.

    Quote 'Living The Dream' taken from Mr Glen Pointon :-)

  2. was a great day matt, we had a top laugh. hope to meet up with you all again soon.