Sunday, 14 February 2010

A little lady makes my day....

Hadn't planned to go out fishing this weekend, but as I sat looking rather idly at my fly tying vice, the missus asked me what the matter was!

"I need to go fishing I told her" and then much to my surprise she promptly said "Oh well then off you go, back make sure back by four!". Well I definitely didn't need any more encouragement and ten minutes later I was on my way to the River Sence. I only had two hours to fish but that was sufficient for the fix that I needed...

Given the nature of the River Sence which is mostly shallow, I decided to fish using the duo and my fly of choice was going to be one those Flashback Nymphs that had arrived in the post from JT yesterday morning. Twenty five minutes later and I was tackled up and ready to start fishing...

Now I never know if its good to catch on the first cast or not but I certainly wasn't complaining when on the first cast I hooked into this little lady.

She was only a small fish but gave a good accounting of herself and promptly went back.

Sadly that was to be the only landed fish of the day, but as I always say if I've caught one fish then I'm happy! And the truth be told after catching that first fish I would gladly have gone home.

Shortly afterward I hooked into a large brownie in some of the faster water, who ran right into the deeper water of the pool above and promptly came off and missed another small grayling just before I finished fishing.

This will probably be last time I fish the River Sence as my membership in the club finishes in March.

A couple of the runs that I shall miss......


  1. As Tarquin would say...Nice1.

    You still up for Sunday's looking like a goer! Make sure you bring your camera and plenty of batteries to get some cracking pics for your blog...


  2. Matt
    Well done
    If u catch in Feb ur doing something right you bushwacker!!!