Thursday, 28 January 2010

That's fishing.....

As excited as a 5 year old is how I felt this morning as I joined up with Dave Wood for a days fishing. It seems like ages since I've been fishing and I was itching to get out and catch some ladies.

We started out at Ellastone, the river been slightly high according to Dave, and fished for around 45 minutes before we decided that we would head to Dovedale to try our luck. Before leaving I took a quick photo of the river so that everyone can see how high it is.

We arrived at Dovedale and after a quick change of tackle and a cup of coffee we headed to the river, where the Jammy B***er - Dave's new nickname, proceeded to catch the first fish of the day a little out of season brownie. We pressed on up the river and onto the nursery pool where I caught an out of season brownie and decided to try out the new waterproof camera.

After a brief stop a "Rocher Rock" for a Mars Bar lunch - sorry to lower the standards Lord Pointon, we pressed on up river. Shortly afterwards Mr Jammy B***er manage three very beautiful ladies, one after the other.

And was assisted by a dog, who seemed keen to help....

Decided to try out the camera again for the release, check out the dorsal on this lady...beautiful!!!

We moved on upstream as far as Ilam rock, where Dave missed a fish which decided his klink looked tasty, reminding us both of the coming balmy days of summer when we would be fishing the dry...proper! We trudged back to the car park, stopping to try our luck as we went and talking about whisky and fishing, both feeling tired but satisfied!!!

And so ended another day fishing no grayling for me yet again but then that's fishing!!!


  1. Hi Matt,

    Nice post...welcome to blogging..

    See you on the river mate.


  2. Amazing blogging and awsome photographs, I never knew that fishing could be so much fun...Seems that I have to develop a hobby (being a non-vegeterian) to treat my friends.

    Looking forward to connect with you.

    +44-208 3965 126